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Shock Absorber

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Shock Absorber

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Function of Shock Absorber is spring and prevention with tremble of Car body.
Our manufacturer for Shock Absorbers is Chunwoo Indus. Co. Our Shock Absorbers are more than 1 ton's truck, dump, bus (High way or general use), shared ride, large size of business use vehicle (Hyundai, KIA/Daewoo Next Generation/Samsung Top/ Volvo/Scania) and large size of import's car and products shock absorber it two way move and exports it all countries in the world.
Our shock absorber be with our best through to manufacturer's 30 years of tradition and technical experience and contribution to the development of country with export to the oversea.
Also, we can supply Chunwoo industrial Co. products special technique Absorber which uses for military, railway and industrials and we are best our might to the customer’s satisfaction.

We can supply shock absorber of Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia, Asia motor cars and Top shock absorber (for wing body truck), overseas trucks and buses, and ULTRA new products.
These products are ISO 9001:2000 & KS A 9001:2001 certified. And certified ISO 14001:2004 & KS A 14001:2004 too.

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Shock Absorber