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Auto Fan Cooling Module

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Auto Fan & Cooling Module

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Now we have a leading competitive manufacturer in our industry for Fan & Module parts. Our manufacturer Dong-A Industry constant technical innovation and ceaseless effort to achieve the highest quality allowed us to create products which are friendly to humans and environment and meet the various needs of consumers and markets in the rapidly changing circumstances. High quality based on the artisan spirit.

● Function : This unit, located in the rear of a radiator or condenser is designed to radiate the heat of the radiator or condenser by blowing an air by means of a fan.

● Components : This unit consists of vane-type fan, a motor and a shroud. It works depending on the temperature of coolant, operating status of an air conditioning system, and pressure level of refrigerant.

● Type : There are two types for radiator and condenser. Most a wave-type fan shroud is used, which is designed to increase the intensity of air generation from the fan and reduce noise generation at the same time.

● Applied Vehicle: Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ssangyong, Samsung motor) parts cooling system, A/C Fan ASSY, RAD Fan ASSY, Fan-Cooling, Shroud-Radiator, Shroud Cooling Fan etc. (See attached file, catalog & image)

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Auto Fan _ Cooling Module

Auto Fan _ Cooling Module

Auto Fan _ Cooling Module